Scalar Vector Graphics

Sutton SignWriting is a 2-dimensional script. The sign images are composed using Scalar Vector Graphic (SVG).

SVG Header

The header section contains the SVG definition along with the width, height, and viewbox. The viewbox is a combination of the minimum X, minimum Y, width, and height.

  • Minimum X:
  • Maximum X:
  • Width:
  • Minimum Y:
  • Maximum Y:
  • Height:


If the width and height properties are not included, then the resulting SVG will automatically expand in size to fill the containing element on the screen.


SVG Text

The SVG text section is included to make it possible to copy and paste Formal SignWriting in ASCII strings or SignWriting in Unicode strings. The font-size is set to zero to make the text invisible.


Font Based SVG

Each spatial symbol in the signbox is a combination of the symbol and the positioning coordinate.

    Each symbol is written as an SVG group and positioned by the transformation translate.


    Inside of each group, 2 text elements are written. The symbol fill is written first using the SuttonSignWritingFill font with a plane 16 character. The symbol line is written second using the SuttonSignWritingLine font with a plane 15 character.