Welcome to SignWriting 2010

The modern implementation and international specification of the SignWriting script for the internet community that includes TrueType Fonts, CSS Declarations, and a compact JavaScript Library.

Installing the TrueType Fonts

The SignWriting 2010 TrueType fonts are available for download and installation. The fonts have been tailored for the SignWriting 2010 JavaScript library. Please ignore warning and unusual font previews as these will not affect the fonts utility.

Installing the fonts using the instructions below is not required, but it will improve the user experience. If the fonts are not installed on the system, CSS declarations will install the fonts in the browser cache.

Windows, Linux, and Mac

Installation is straight forward for these platforms. Simply download the 2 TrueType fonts and install as usual.

SignWriting 2010 TrueType Font SignWriting 2010 Filling TrueType Font


Installation is possible with a configuration profile that includes the 2 TrueType fonts. Simply download the configuration profile and install.

SignWriting 2010 Configuration Profile


Android can not install the fonts directly onto the system. The CSS declarations below will install the fonts in the browser cache.

CSS Declarations

The TrueType Fonts can be used without installing the fonts on any platform by defining two font-face statements. Simply include the "fonts.css" style sheet or the following CSS in any HTML page to access the fonts.

@font-face {
  font-family: "SignWriting 2010";
    local('SignWriting 2010'),
    url('https://cdn.rawgit.com/Slevinski/signwriting_2010_fonts/master/fonts/SignWriting%202010.ttf') format('truetype');
@font-face {
  font-family: "SignWriting 2010 Filling";
    local('SignWriting 2010 Filling'),
    url('https://cdn.rawgit.com/Slevinski/signwriting_2010_fonts/master/fonts/SignWriting%202010%20Filling.ttf') format('truetype');

If the fonts are installed, then the system fonts will be used. If the fonts are not installed when a SignWriting Font page is opened, the CSS will cause the fonts to be automatically downloaded to the browser's cache on the first visit. Once the fonts are installed in the browser cache, they will remain there until the browser cache is emptied. Any webside that uses this CSS can access the browser installed font without requesting a new copy. The fonts are 13 MB, so the first install make take a few seconds or longer depending on your download speed and processor.

The SVG of the sign and symbol images can be manipulated with standard CSS. See the "sw10.css" style sheet for example usage.


Using the JavaScript Library

The JavaScript library leverages the TrueType fonts without any additional requirements. Simply include the "sw10.js" script or the minified version "sw10.min.js" in any HTML page to access the function library. View the API Reference for example usage.

SignWriting 2010 JavaScript Library (51 KB) Minified SignWriting 2010 JS Library (25 KB)

Referencing the Internet Draft

The SignPuddle Standard for SignWriting Text Internet Draft has been submitted to the IETF as draft-slevinski-signwriting-text. The I-D contains detailed information about a variety of topics related to SignWriting.

SignWriting Script Formal SignWriting Query Language Styling String SignWriting 2010 Unicode Integration